amandaryan (amandaryan) wrote,

it's official

im officially one of the 80 bazillion medicated americans. i finally went to the dr and she put me on Zoloft and Buspar. These things better not make me fat. she was originally going to put me on lexapro, until i asked if it caused weight gain, and she said yes, and gave me zoloft instead. the buspar wont do anything weight wise, so that's good.

i also found out that apparently i really am 5'1, and not 5' as i've thought for so long. which technically makes my height/weight ratio a little better. ive eaten like crap the last few days, and it's catching up to me. but oh well, i'll survive. that's the only bad part about being off work, i eat like a horse. i think we may finally go buy that exercise bike this week, which makes me excited.

tomorrow i have to go to wooster to get fitted for my bridesmaid dress. it's gonna suck. 3hrs there, and 3hr back. have i ever mentioned how much i despise car trips? other than that, nothing new to report. reese has a wicked farmers tan. his vocabulary still amazes me, and his sentence structure is amazing!
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