amandaryan (amandaryan) wrote,

roll me out

Holy mother, I have eaten so much today :(

Last nite was UFC, which was fine, except I got drunk (first time since my bday), and fell asleep before the main event. So this afternoon when we got up, Doug went and got us wings from BW3. Okay, that wouldn't have been so bad, if I'd kept the bad eating to one meal.... but nooooooooo.

So later this afternoon we went to see "Sicko". I'm ashamed to be an american some days. It's unreal the types of care that other countries provide to their citizens, for free or nearly free.

Went to best buy after the movie, and I finally bought the Magic Bullet blender! score. I'm totally giddy about this thing. My mom & dad love theirs, and I've seen it in action.

After best buy we went to Champs for dinner. We had crab bread, and I had a steak (shock) & mashed potatoes, and then we split this huge cookie sundae thing. We both feel like giant cows.

He finally left to go bowling a little bit ago, and I'm watching some larry the cable guy special until Ice Road Truckers comes on.
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