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so i received a call from my aunt tonite. i let it go to voicemail bc i just really wasnt in the mood to talk to anyone. so the message is informing me that Reese cannot attend my cousin's wedding, in which i am a bridesmaid.

it's an "adult reception" with a cocktail reception and then a second full scale reception following. okay, i can understand that, but let me explain why this pisses me off for a few different reasons.

1. this is the 4th time my cousin has been engaged, the 2nd time we've gotten this close to an actual wedding. the last time, it was a week before the wedding and it got called off. in fact it was very shortly after i'd driven the 3hrs for her bridal shower.

2. everyone has to go out of their way for her and this whole production. i had to take a vacation day from work, and drive 6hrs in one day to go get fitted for my dress. my sister had to do the same, only she has a 5hr drive, one way. now typically this really wouldn't even be a big deal to me, but see the next grievence i have.

3. my cousin has never even MET my son. throughout my entire pregnancy all i heard from her was how excited she was for reese to be born, how she was going to come down when i went into labor so she could be in the delivery room, blah blah blah. two and a half years later, she's never even SEEN him, other than pictures. when the rest of the family comes for holidays, she never comes. i know people are busy, but fuck, i'm having to take all kinds of vacation time off work to attend various things for this wedding, driving 3hrs up there each time, and the last time i checked, gas is not cheap.

4. in addition to all of this, i feel like no one has given ONE tiny thought to what IF i didn't have someone to watch reese for the DAYS in which i'm going to have to be up there for this. i'm lucky that darrell and i have a really good situation worked out and we alternate weekends and things, but what if that wasn't an option? none of my family could watch him, as they're all either in the wedding or attending. can we say selfish?

I think more than anything I'm just pissed at how my aunt sounded on the message she left me. This wedding so far has cost her $80,000 and she expects everything to be perfect. She is a perfectionist in every facet of her life, and I honestly think that she's doing quite a bit of this for herself, more so than for her daughter.

GRRR, im just irritated.
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