amandaryan (amandaryan) wrote,

domestic bliss

has been achieved, finally.

im laying on the couch, and doug is in the bedroom. he's multi-tasking, watching UFC and getting music ready to play at hammerjax saturday nite.

we have a wedding to attend on saturday, for a friend of mine from work. he's marrying a super italian, super catholic woman, so it'll be a SUPER long wedding. hooray for an open bar reception ;)

doug and i managed to clean the bedroom, and subsequently my closet out this past weekend. i have two huge trashbags and a duffel bag full of old, fat clothes, that im taking to some girls at work. ranging from size 18-10's. they'll be getting some really nice shit though, i have a habit of buying clothes and then never wearing them, so a lot of the stuff still has the tags on it, or was only worn once or twice. my size 8s are finally getting big, and i think i might finally be able to wear a size 6 from american eagle. i'm goin to try to go sometime soon and find out for sure.

my abs are finally starting to get some definition, and i joke that i've got a one and a half pack. but seriously, im definately seeing results on my side abs? if thats even a way to describe it-- i look like a coke bottle sorta. i love my bean! mandy got hers earlier this week and im glad that she's liking it too. i'd like to have a 4pack by swimsuit season! although im down to 120lbs, i still feel fat when i look in the mirror. logically in my head i know im not fat, but its just that at 120lbs i feel like my stomach is huge. *reminder to self* youve had a baby, you will never have the stomach of a never been fat or had a kid before, woman. whatever i guess. my butt's gotten smaller too, and the bean is the reason for that too :)

eating and temptation is a bit harder with doug being here, since he does low-carb and im low-cal/fat. we totally ate like pigs last weekend and got papa murphys twice. although i'd kill to have some brooklyn or pazzo's.

my girlfriend sarah, had her little baby boy, Jack, this past weekend and from the pictures i saw, he's so freaking perfect and adorable. hopefully i'll be able to get over to see her on sunday. it would be best, bc Reese will be with darrell this weekend, and i dont want to take him with me, bc he REALLY likes babies, he just doesnt understand they're fragile.

speaking of Reese, his vocabulary is growing so much each week, and it's a feeling i can't describe when i hear him say something new. tonite he was being very lovey-dovey, wanting to sit on my lap and wanted me to hold him. anyone with a two year old will tell you, that they almost always want to be running around getting into things, so it was nice to just cuddle on the couch with him.

doug and i's birthdays are both coming up, 21st and 27th, but i have no clue what we'll be doing. we'll have Reese next weekend, and doug will have to play at hammerjax and then at some party in cincy. he got his bday gift from me about a month ago, a new bowling ball that he really wanted (and it was really expensive) so i wont have much to give him, but we'll see. i took the friday before my bday off work to give myself a long weekend as a birthday gift, so at least we'll have the option to do something.

i guess that's about it for now, gonna finish watching dallas swat and go finish watching the Dana White vs Tito Ortiz boxing match with Doug.

ps. normally i despise typing on laptops, but this vaio is freakin sweet.

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